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Do your financial responsibilities end after death? We don't think so.


Life Plus / Life Financial Group have over 50 years of experience in the insurance industry. We have personally trained hundreds of agents across the U.S. on how to become successful in an industry that has seen many fail. As multi-million dollar producers we know what it takes to succeed in a competitive market.


We offer non-captive and captive agent contracts.

Our captive agents are allowed to participate in the life plus lead program. We only have a few captive agent positions available in most states. By limiting captive positions, we can guarantee those agents will always have fresh leads. (Captive agent contract has minimum production requirements).


The good news is that Life Plus is for real. Our agents succeed because we offer great contracts and an unbelievable lead program that is second to none. Our support team is committed to helping our agents succeed.


Why is it so hard to make it as an insurance agent? That’s a good question that sometimes has more than one answer. The truth is, it’s not difficult to be successful. As in any career it takes hard work and dedication. More times than not, an insurance agent will regard his or her career as a part time job.

William C. Reed, CEO Life Plus, LLC.

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Our Products.

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Life Insurance

We offer life insurance for all ages through our trusted partners.

Our Partners

We offer life insurance for all ages.

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There is nothing worse than an unsatisfied client. We only market the top performing fixed and fixed equity index annuities. We make sure you have the tools you need to have satisfied clients.

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Medicare Supplements

Medicare Advantage: Health plans that are approved by Medicare and provided by private companies. These health plans provide an alternative to Original Medicare. They generally require to cover the same services. Some, but not all Medicare advantage plans offer prescription drug coverage.

Medicare Supplements: Private health insurance designed to supplement the coverage provided by Original Medicare.

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Our Careers.

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Life Plus / Life Financial Group is dedicated to helping agents succeed by offering a career with agent support, a lead program that is second to none, and great commission contracts.

If you are interested in a career, Contact Us.

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